There are many hats that I wear.  With most of these I have dabbled in the professional world, some more than others.

  • a father
  • a college gradaute
  • an artist
  • a photographer
  • an editor
  • a writer
  • a designer​​
  • a people reader

A few years back...I'll say 10, I realized that I had all the requirements to produce a really unique publication.  For me it was a meeting of peoples of America and a chance to have everyone feel like they were a rebel, a business success, a fashion model and hipper than Mr. Clooney.  I am a social chameleon and I was ready to make the world a better place starting in peoples' thoughts about themselves and moving out.  It was to be the perfect 

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Crazy Unique Concept

who I am


I am so glad you took the time to come here!  Hopefully this piques your curiosity even more and we can schedule an interview.  I enjoy most expressing my art in Photography because it is such an immediate medium.  I am a unique and creative individual.  I am also very well versed in art and the art aesthetic. I also read and appreciate the written word, I studied to be a journalist first.  My true value as an artist, however, comes in my ability to discern what controls the public opinion.  In an instant I can tell quite literally, and in concise terms, if a campaign will be a success or a failure.  It is a gift. I constantly question advertising choices made in Television, Radio, and Print.  I have even found myself questioning or praising ads run on the internet.   I understand different markets and know how to tempt them as individuals into action.   I can take any product, hear the desired market and come up with ways that will get that market to react in whichever way the client wants.  I also understand budgets.  I struggled with my magazine and photography, always finding ways to create the images I wanted without having to buy the expensive equipment that would make it easier to complete that image.   The client has a need that I can fulfill within their financial constraints.  If the client wants X but can't afford it, I will give them X through some backdoor me there are an infinite amount of ways to meet that client's needs artistically and financially.    Again, it is a gift.  It is a gift that I have to constantly keep in check in my personal life, I feel badly using it against people I love,  but in the advertising world I could move about untethered.  It is difficult to explain in text, or even in one meeting, so I have come up with this solution.   I am aware that this is probably a unique and crazy concept in advertising practices, but I definitely am not known for working inside the box...I don't think you want me to be.

David mcdaniels

Posh Underground

David McDaniels

implementation of all my skills.  God or the forces that be, whatever you prescribe to, had a different plan however.  Just as the first issue went to print, I broke my leg in a skateboarding accident (I have skated all my life).  I was an idiot and moved my broken leg which caused the bone to rip through my arteries.  This caused a major trauma and I spent the next two months in the hospital having some 17 surgeries.  When I got out, I had all these magazines waiting to be  delivered and understanding advertisers waiting to reap the benefits of investing in advertisements in my publication.   It was tough but I got the magazine distributed with the help of my family and a wheelchair, but I felt like I was fighting a losing battle, not through any fault on my part, I just felt like life was shooing me a different direction.  

I am a team player.  I am very logical even about being illogical.  When it comes to knowing people, I can usually read them right out.  This is on an individual level, however I am very good at reading groups of people too.  I know what interests them, what makes them tick, and what motivates them to action.  I believe with the right advert you can control people's thoughts and actions.  I have a gift where I can tap into the wants and needs of any demographic and cause them to have a specific reaction.  It is part psychology, part understanding, and part understanding people.  I know this sounds very egotistical, but to me, really, I am just stating a fact.

I do have one weakness in this area and it is very specific.  I have a hard time selling to people when I am selling my own art.  So using my photographs to get your attention is me at my weakest.  I am overconfident about my ideas but in bringing them into artistic reality, I flounder.  It's funny too, because I can see my artistic vision, I can explain it in great detail, and it is brilliant in my mind and words, but when I put pen to paper to draw, my brain can't communicate with my hand.  It's about as successful as my brain trying to communicate straight to the pen and having the pen psychically create what my brain is seeing.  There, you have my plusses and my minuses.